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  • Circulation
    We recognise the volatile nature of circulation. Selling the maximum number of copies is the lifeblood of publishers. Media On The Move (MoM) currently distributes more than 200 different publications to over 60 carriers.

    Our targeted distribution strategy gives publishers several opportunities to boost circulation, from executive airline lounges to off-airport parking. MoM works closely with its publishing clients to make ensure our targeted placement hits your targets and simultaneously boosts brand awareness to draw in advertisers.
  • Digital
    We are at the forefront of technology! We tap into the latest developments to provide same-day editions of the world’s leading titles; making sure they are available in print and in their original layout.

    We understand that our passengers are discerning in their choice of newspapers and magazines. MoM works with an online production company to develop digital in-flight/on-board content. This offers publishers with a digital platform a chance to showcase their content, and gives carriers the opportunity to offer specialist programming.
  • Vision
    Media On The Move (MoM) thinks big! We are an evolving company; we are leaders, not followers. The world of travel media is changing rapidly, and we want to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology. We constantly strive to improve our value proposition continuously raise the bar in terms of our provision of services.

    We are currently strengthening our services in the ambient media sector. We continue to build on our strong links with traditional and online media and incorporate technological innovations to improve our service.
  • Marketing
    We can get you noticed with our vast experience at Media On The Move. We offer ambient media solutions to our clients, bringing an innovative promotional concept to the travel industry table. We are focused on nurturing a dynamic marketing format that uses travel media and third-party communication as a powerful advertising platform.

    Our services range from sampling and third-party sponsorship campaigns, to gate - stand branding and cabin promotions. Our service is not limited to publishers, we have begun to work with a variety of clients to promote their brands and to help their message reach their target audience.
  • Logistics
    The word is out about Media On The Move! We supply over 60 carriers across five continents with more than 200 quality newspaper and magazine titles. We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We never stop!

    Our major operating bases span several countries providing a tailored service to both our carriers and publishers to meet their individual needs. This may include bulk media supply, gate service management and in-lounge entertainment, display rack provision and third party promotion. Our comprehensive end-to-end service ensures both client and passenger satisfaction.
  • Retail
    You can bank on us when it comes to using our experience in retail. At Media On The Move (MoM) we have a strong retail track record of ongoing business with eight major carriers over the past seven years. MoM is skilled at helping publishers discover new retail opportunities, to boost their circulation and expose their brand to a much wider audience.

    We have improved revenue streams for carriers via our innovative in-flight/on-board media retail programmes. Our other retail services include, menu planning, cabin crew sales training and crew incentives.
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  • Competitive
    We are always one move ahead of the competition! Since launching, we have created extra competition in the marketplace, gained a growing reputation for providing unrivalled value for money and customer service.

    Both carriers and publishers welcomed our arrival in 2001 and have continued to sign up for our services. We have achieved this by nurturing our relationships directly with our publishers. These strong links have enabled the MoM team to offer competitive pricing and a host of exclusive deals to our clients.
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