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Media On The Move (MoM) are true specialists in global media management, offering
the travel industry an innovative, dynamic and cost-effective approach to the provision
of print and electronic media for their passengers.


Our business philosophy is underpinned by honesty, openness and integrity, and our track
record of achievement and commitment to quality is impeccable.

Global Media Management
Global Media Management:
MoM provides a cost-effective and top quality service for the provision of in-flight/on-board reading materials. We are a dynamic alternative for clients seeking a competitive news distribution operation.
On-board Retail
On-Board Media Retail:
We have garnered a reputation for being first-rate distributors of magazines and newspapers for on-board retail use on airlines and trains, creating revenue for the clients and boosting circulation for the publisher.
Example of marketing
Marketing and Sponsorship:
We work with a vast number of clients who are keen to market their various products and brands via in-lounge and on-board promotions.
ITN Productions
Digital Content:
We provide same-day editions of digitally printed global news and also offer a growing multimedia content service in partnership with ITN Productions.
Marketing Promotion
Third Party Promotion and Distribution:
MoM offers brand exposure via third party promotion of various publications either in-flight/on-board, or via an array of innovative marketing methods.
Publisher Relationships:
We are vastly experienced in dealing with some of the world’s biggest media companies and have an established network of contacts and expertise in the industry.
Account Management
Account Management:
We offer a range of quality services that meet the individual needs of specific clients, and we are committed to the provision of comprehensive and dedicated account management for all our clients.
ABC Audit Verification:
MoM supplies more than 200 publications to over 60 carriers and works closely with the ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) to assist publishers with their audit process.
Global Media Supplier for the Travel Industry